Thursday, June 27, 2013

My Under the Sea Adventure!

Ohhhhh! How I love a theme! I think my fascination with themes began when my twins (a boy and a girl) were born...
It started with their Nursery.... God keeps His promises and He sure did! Everything was Noah (and it was the sweetest nursery ever!)

Kim made up the words to this
announcement!  One of her amazing
talents! Love, Liz

And then the Birthday parties came... their first Birthday was a Carnival Theme...from clowns and old fashioned games to selling tickets for popcorn and cotton candy it was a hit! People at the park actually thought it was a real Carnival and wanted to buy tickets!

Each Birthday became another opportunity for me to express my love through a fun and exciting party. A Garden theme for their 2nd, a Pooh Bear & Friends for their 3rd, and a Princess/Pirate for their 4th. My babies are now 12 and this past year we had a "Double Blessing or Double Trouble Party" and played all kind of wacky games that had something to do with a dozen!

Well, I guess it is no surprise I love turning my classroom into a Thematic Wonderland... from Honey Bear Lane, and a Race Car Theme to a Beautifully painted Under the Sea Adventure... it is something that I will never grow weary of.
Let me show you just a few pictures of my classroom... with more to come when I set up again in the Fall...

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