Thursday, June 27, 2013

"O" is for Organization!

New tags and cards to help me organize in my
Under the Sea Theme!  Get the unit HERE!

You've been Organized!
Or at least that is the note I leave my family and friends after I spend countless hours organizing their garages, closets, and offices! And for some strange reason I LOVE it! The last 2 Summers I have spent some time organizing other peoples personal spaces... my husband shakes his head in disbelief wondering why I get so much joy out of arranging others peoples junk and not our own?! I love the whole process of figuring out the best way for an area to work and that also relates to my classroom as well! Whether it is the organizing aspect or the WOW factor of a theme when you walk in the door... I love it all! Here are a few shots of how I try to keep my room productive...

This idea came to me after trying several different bins and crates... I just simply cut a hanging shoe rack horizontally and tacked it going across our Art table. The students can reach all of their materials for directed or independent play and they LOVE it and so do I! For an even more organized look, I hot glue the craft item to show which art supply belongs in each pouch! So little hands know where to put it when they are finished!

Further down is a look at some of my cabinets... I try to label each row so I can stay as organized as possible. Remember to always use tape when labeling so you can easily pull it off if you want to change things around.
These are some of the things I label.  If you don't see
something here you need, let me know and I will add it!

This is my main cabinet... when my students start off the year I label each table 1,2,3 and 4.
The matching green numbered container is filled with crayons and the matching blue is filled with
markers. Each week a student or "Table Runner" is in charge of getting the container before work time. In the past I have had containers for each child, however, I found for this age group this was a quick and effective alternative to chaos of boxes everywhere!

My new table labels
My scissor box always stays on top of my counter for safety, and I quickly pass the scissors out... when the students are finished they place them on their table number and I pick them up. Later in the year I do have a "Treasured Student" who is in charge of taking the box from table to table and picking them up.

As you can see I absolutely love these cute boxes... I found them at the dollar store and use them from everything from Play-doh, to Lost & Found (something EVERY class should have!)

My last idea is one that has made things much easier for my little ones, thus helping keep me sane... it is simply putting a picture of the manipulative in the container and showing through the outside of the box. I do this for EVERYTHING in my room and it really helps things to get back into their proper places!
Happy Organizing! And please share your ideas... I love new ones!

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