Friday, June 21, 2013

Circus Bingo

 The Ringmaster (that would be me) brings our first thematic event to the Big Top (our K4 classroom)-
                       Circus of Colors and Shapes!
Circus of Colors and Shapes is held on week three 3 of the new year! This is our first themed event so we make sure our rules, routines, and relationships with our students have all been established. This is also the first time we invite moms in to help run our centers, and they LOVE it!  We have five learning centers for this event and it lasts about an hour.  The students move in groups of 4-6 from center to center, and the teacher tries not to be tied down to a center so she can move around and help where needed.  Sometimes we even have a mom who is the classroom photographer and takes snapshots of this fun event!  The centers are Circus Bingo, Shape Sorter with Jumbo the Elephant, Ring Toss with Sunshine the Clown,  Walk the Tightrope. and Popcorn and Peanuts (finding shapes in a bucket of packing peanuts).  We end the learning centers with ice cream clown sundaes!  It is a great way to let your moms have a sneak peak at all the fun and learning your child's year will hold!

Shape Sort Center
Keep centers far enough apart to give kids room to have fun!

Walk the Tight Rope Center

Photo op area for the memory book!

Moms love coming in to help in the classroom!
This is my sister Alisha and her daughter who I had the privilege of teaching!

You can get our Circus Bingo Unit here!  Here is a picture of the goodies in the unit:

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