Friday, June 21, 2013

Good or Bad Idea? To teach over the Summer?

Ok, everyone out there... I need to get your opinion on something. This is my "umpteenth" year of teaching, and when I was muuuuch younger I would teach all year then tutor, run a Camp or something that involved children over the Summer. However, as I get older I have found that I need to stay as far away from children over the Summer (even my own at times) as possible! Not sure if this happens with age, or if I am just a terrible person? Let me give you an example.. I was asked to help lead a VBS Bible Camp and I said yes (Liz thinks I've lost my mind) I think she might be right! Well, after four days I realized that the professional in me that wants to make these little ones have fun, but obey... in a 3 hour time frame when they have NEVER been to school, and I have absolutely NO AUTHORITY over them is just a combination for DISASTER! I will admit I have had to let go and pick my battles (the 4 year old sobbing because he does not want to go to the next center, or the child who does not want the cup of water because the cup is a different color) are things that in my head I find myself saying "you get what you get... and you don't get upset". However, I have had to smile and realize that I am not going to change attitudes and behaviors in one week. Although, I do continue to try. It's that same something that makes me tell total strangers in the mall to slow down or kids in a movie theatre to Shhhh! To the complete dismay of my husband I just can't seem to turn it off! So with all of that said... I will try and finish tomorrow with lots of smiles and few tears (I am referring to myself)...

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