Friday, March 15, 2013

Worms Worms

We had earth worms visit for W week! I love to see the kids faces! We ate gummy worms and watermelon after.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Western round up!

Our big Western round up was today!  The room was ready to go and the buckeroos were excited!
We had a great time today.  One of my moms made these amazing stick ponies for me!  I hung these wanted by God poster.  I downloaded a free Western font and just printed pictures from ones I already had in black and white!  A free craft (I don't do that very often)...

Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Five Linky

I linked up with the  Michelle at the 3am teacher.  Here is your FREEBIE!
I hope you enjoy!

My find is:  I found this really cute western craft on Pinterest!

My funny is for our fellow teachers!
My Frazzle just happened when our school decided to do two major events in one week and I didn't sleep all week trying to prepare for them....
okay I know it's lame, but it's late...
My Feature will hopefully be posted this weekend!  I am finalizing our 101 dalmatian unit....Kind of stay tuned!!  Thanks for stopping by!

W Week!

W week is upon us and I love this week!  On Wednesday we do our big Western round-up!  Each teacher takes a different element of a "Dude Ranch".  We have 4 PreK teachers.  The first Room is mine and we ride our stick ponies into the barn....We learn how to take care of our ponies, ride them and feed them.  We finish our time with some square dancing!  I love the song "ride that Pony" by Dr. Jean.  The next room we have a camp fire, sing campfire songs, roast marshmallows, and make s'mores! The third room we enter the dairy farm.  We learn how to milk a cow, and rope a steer!  The final area we go "out on the range" for some field games.  Sack races, pony races, and pin the badge on the cowboy!  Here are some pictures of last year....will add some from this year after the event.  You can pick up our great western unit HERE!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dinosaur Dig!

Our dinosaurs hatched today and I just had to share! The kids were so excited! They each had a turn cracking their eggs open and showing which kind of dinosaur became theirs. We had to wear Dino hats so the babies knew they were the mommies. We talked about whether their Dino was a meat eater or an herb eater. Then we made dinosaur oatmeal!! This day is priceless!!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Grandparents Day!

Today was our biggest event of the year! We had an amazing day! I transformed my classroom into a prehistoric luncheon. The students did an amazing job ...the Grandparents were blessed and it all worked. I love my job!