Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Light Table Deals!!

SHOPPING!!!  I usually only shop this much in summer...
So I was out shopping for some new bar stools for our family room and saw these things at Deals and just couldn't resist!!  My wonderful hubby made me a light table for my classroom last year, and so I am forever hunting for fun stuff to add.  Well.......Lookie what I found....A bunch of translucent toys!  I use these for counters, game pieces and well just fun!!
I want to add a black light to my light table so I bought
some glow in the dark spiders and snakes.  

This tray was $3 which is more than I usually spend,
but I thought it was perfect to put different items in and
see how light picks up through the beveled plastic.
I also added these shot glasses, perfect for water beads
and little jewels!

These were on clearance at TARGET!!!  My favorite store!!
Perfect to store my new little treasures in!  I have a wire shelf
in my classroom that I store all the manipulative's and games
for the light table center.

This is my light table and a couple of the things that my students do in this center.  I always model an activity first and then add it to the center.  I did purchase a light panel this year to model and have light activities at my table centers.  Would love to hear if you have any great ideas that I could use with my light center.....

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