Sunday, November 11, 2012

Candy Corn Bingo!

Each week I like to reinforce skills on Fridays in a game form.  The last week of October we played Candy Corn Bingo.  We used candy corn as markers.  We had to begin by eating one candy of course, it is way too hard to wait!  We play in small groups of 6.  I always call the letter and then ask what sound that letter makes and for my emergent readers, I ask for a word that begins with that letter.  For some that still need help with recognition, I show the card and have them find it.  It is important that they repeat the name for me.  It is a great game for different levels of learners.  We play until everyone wins.  The student has to call "Candy Corn Bingo".  We also praise the winners.  I let each of them eat a few and put the rest in a baggie for home.
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