Saturday, July 20, 2013


In my classroom I have tried to come up with some ways to help my students with number sense. One of my favorite things (my kids love it too) is:  can you guess my number?
I only reveal the numbers we have worked on. Each day my teachers helper gets to whisper a number in my ear. Then he/she will call on students to guess what number was chosen. I use little sticky notes to cover up the numbers. When the number is guessed, the helper writes the number on the board. I am never allowed to miss this activity, and my kids are learning. 👏
The picture above is part of my jungle/safari math centers. I will have it in my stores early this week, this is just one of the ideas. Hope you all check it out!


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  2. superb post very very thankful to you for sharing this king of post for preschool