Monday, July 1, 2013

Johnny Appleseed!

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We are excited to be involved in our first Fabulicious Freebies!  We begin our year with the vowels so I thought you might enjoy a part of our "A" week unit.  Amazing Glyphs!
We love doing Glyphs- where we ask the children questions and they color, paint, glue, or place according to the answer they give.
Now I have to tell you.....when it comes to analyzing I have tried many different ways!!  However, by trial and error I have finally come up with a way that my little ones like AND DOES NOT drive me insane!!!!
We analyze data as a whole group.  I hand out the graph to each student, hang my copy on the board and walk around the room asking questions and graphing the answers.  Every few students we stop and see which question is winning, predict the winner.  The more animated I am, the more they stay focused....It works like a charm....let me know if you have another way that works, I would love to hear.
At Back To School Night I like to tell parents that we analyze data....They seem to love that!!
In our apple unit we have a Johnny Appleseed Glyph.  We thought you may enjoy it sooooo....
We put it on our TPT store for free!  You can pick it up HERE!

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