Monday, June 16, 2014

Fathers Day

For years I have wanted to bring my fathers in to my classroom for a Father's Day celebration and finally this year my team agreed. We came up with the theme Tie-riffic Dads!  This is the invitation:

We invited the dads and brought them altogether in one big room. We had a former NFL football player speak to all the fathers about what it means to be an amazing dad and to leave a legacy for their children. After that they were asked to go to the individual child's classroom for daddy and me time. The dad sat next to their kids to watch them sing a couple of songs for them. We sang: I am a promise, On Fathers Day and did a Daddy cheer!  The fathers  were invited to draw a daddy and me picture.  The dads were to draw their student and the student drew their Daddy. 

I had a bulletin board ready called artist gallery. They posted their pictures on the gallery wall and then went to get their breakfast together. This is the craft we did for the fathers to take home:
A nice touch would be to frame it for them. I had to keep the cost down so I mounted it on black paper. 

And I had each student make a picture of their daddy on a paper plate and then we added a tide to it it is amazing how many of the dads actually resembled themselves. The student also gave me one word to describe their fathers. 
We also had the students make a necklace with their dad's face on the front of it. 
I cut face into a circle and posted the words: the greatest gift I ever had was my daddy. Punched a hole and added yarn. 
The day was very simple but it was a wonderful addition to my classroom and made for a precious memory that will last a lifetime. 

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