Thursday, June 19, 2014

Charleston or BUST!

Do you remember the game?..."On my way to Charleston, South Carolina for the Early Childhood Summit I brought my....2 Preschool Pals buddy, a dead battery 5 hours in, and my Starbucks gift cards !! 
Well...we finally made it to one of our new favorite places in life... Charleston! The conference has been Amazing and we are beyond excited about implementing all of our new wonderful ideas, and we've only been out of school for two weeks! From meeting Dr. Jean and learning EVEN MORE ideas and hearing her heart on the importance of oral language to Vanessa Levin who is getting us organized for the new year! We loved her "picture perfect" idea for showing the students how a center should look during clean up time! Sam Williams was another presenter who showed us numerous ways of how to use Math manipulatives appropriately in our classroom! One great example was to turn cookie sheets into 10 frames with magnets! Or how bout' converting shoe laces into a number line. 
The ideas are just pouring out as we talk about all of the new creative ways we are going to start our year... And we still have another day to go!! We will blog again soon! Happy Summer from 2 preschool pals... Liz and Kim

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