Monday, October 7, 2013

Umbrella Day!

This last week we explored the letter Uu. We started the week making pineapple upside down cake and then on Friday the kids brought their umbrellas to school. We start by giving the students rain name tags and showcasing their umbrellas.  We do math and literacy centers and an umbrella craftivity. We then head outside for an umbrella parade  and umbrella relay races.   We eat umbrella snacks under our umbrellas of course. We also sing some great songs that Kim made up!  We put all of these ideas, songs, and centers together in an umbrella unit on our TPT and our teachers notebook store!
Matching upper to lower case letters. Matching numbers together. Included are dice dots and number words for a bigger challenge. 
Umbrella Bingo. Use "rain drops" as markers. 
Umbrella relay races
My niece Is in my class and she's proud of her Bingo!
Umbrella snack. Marshmallow clouds, sunflower raindrops, orange umbrella, cheese stick handle. Yum!!

My friends son is in my class too and he is loving umbrella day!
This is Umbrella Twister!  "Put your left foot on letter Ww" picture below is part of the umbrella unit. 
He matched all his letters and numbers!  Way to go!  I love that learning can be fun and engaging!
You can pick up our whole unit HERE!

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