Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I LOVE Apple!!

Just had to tell you my latest Blessing... This past week while making my K4 end of the year albums I discovered I lost my MAC chord.... I know hard to believe... Can't imagine between school, home, and the ten thousand bags I carry in and out if school it got misplaced!!! ( just want to mention I loose my keys almost daily!) Well to my husbands total frustration I head to the Apple Store to see how much a new chord would be... $79.00 !!! Being on a teachers salary I decided to do some more looking... While in the mall my little one asked if we could go back and play on the I-pads ... I said sure thinking maybe I could get a cheap adaptor or "thing-a majiggy" to somehow get around paying the $79.00!!
Well, I walk in and began telling the blue-shirted MAC guy what a complete knuckle head I am when he says "Can you hold on a minute?"  I said sure...he walks away and then comes back... With a big smile on his face.. He pulls a new chord off the shelves puts it into a bag and says,"On behalf of the Apple Store we would like to give you this" ...my hubby had just walked up and we were both standing there with our mouths open in complete disbelief. Then he said "you have been such a sweet customer and non- demanding and we just wanted to thank you!"
Moral of the story:
Sometimes the squeaky wheel doesn't always get the oil.... Stay sweet and pass it on...

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