Saturday, January 5, 2013

Let's Talk ipads!

I recently purchased a pocket projector from Brookstone and just got an Apple TV to go with it!  I love using my ipad in the classroom!! These apps and projectors also work with an itouch and iphone. With these "toys", my kids should have a blast!!
These are my current favorite apps:
Teach me Toddler (which is actually geared more towards 4 year olds)
Teach me Kindergarten
Letter of the day
Photo touch sight words
Magnetic Board
and the White Board

 Photo touch sight words, Teach me toddler, and kindergarten was free and then I added enough for each of my students.  It is great because you can change names any time you want to.  I do these apps one on one during center time.  You can see the students progress and what areas they struggle in.  My kids love playing this game.  I start all my kids out in toddler and then most of them will switch to kindergarten in January.  A word of caution is the kids can learn quickly how to "cheat".  That is why I watch them while they are beginning.  I usually use this time to cut things out while I watch.

Letter of the day I use as whole class instruction on the projector at the beginning of the week to introduce a new letter.

The Magnetic Board and White Board I use as whole class and one on one.  I love putting letters up and have the kids find the one I call with a pointer. (I like to move it around once they find it and have them chase it.)  One on one I use this as a 3 step approach.  I start with a file folder with letters and sight words the kids are working on.  Then they spell it with the white board and they spell it with the magnet board.  It is great tactile learning.  I learned this technique from my sister in law and have found many of my struggling students begin to excel after doing this with them for a few short weeks.

I have others I love, but would love to hear what works for some of you.....

sight words 

   letter of the day link

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